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Clients should not be limited to talk to their account reps only one session per month.

As an admin of your product for 3 yrs, I have had a lot of turnover with my account reps.  My LMS should be at a higher level but due to new account reps being assigned to me, I get behind since I'm always starting all over with each new rep.  I need more time with my rep to better assist me in using this product and become an expert with the system.  With 3 years of our relationship, I should be somewhat of an expert with the product and am not.  Whenever I've asked for more time, it appears that Biz's philosophy on this topic is limited which defeats the purpose of our relationship. Whenever a client requests for more time with thier account rep for help, there should not be any hesitation.

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  • Mar 10 2017
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