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Widen the server/end unit time synch requirements from 2 minutes to 15 minutes so as to minimize the "Could not get video." error.

We have had in the neighborhood of 200 + reported instances of the error - 

"Could not get video."

The Biz Library tech support team finally determined the cause - the timing gap between the end user's pc/tablet and the server.    

In talking to other server companies - we found that this is not an uncommon error but that it has driven some networks to support broader gaps - 15 minutes not being uncommon.


While the error would not be eliminated - broadening the gap from 2 minutes to 15 would reduce the error frequency.

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  • Jan 20 2017
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  • Tom Braning commented
    April 6, 2017 19:47


    Can we discuss this in a different way?  I was recently using an Android app that when launched, notified me that my time on my PC was incorrect, so that it may not work correctly.  Is there any way for us to add an error message when users encounter this issue in the course player?  I would think it would enable users to resolve issues on thier own, limit calls to our support team as well as for Partners.  Last I checked we had about 150+ instances of this error documented in SF.