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I am sure you have heard this a million times. It is a huge pain point for us and our customers.


I have a manager here at CSI that is setting up cross training for staff he is newly supervising. He wants to assign 6 courses to certain individuals.


But when he goes to make the assignments on the learner’s assignments tab, they don’t show up because his employees are go-getters and have taken some or all of the courses already. He doesn’t care if they have already done them, he wants to make an assignment to these people. My understanding is:

  1. If there is an assignment already on the course, even if it is because the learner self-enrolled, I have to clear the assignment from each of the courses for each of the learners in order for Steven to make a new assignment
  2. if the course already has a status of in progress or complete, that status will carry over to a new assignment if you clear assignments and not statuses


Steven maybe could use certifications, but doesn’t want to build a certification just to assign a handful of courses to a couple people one time. He also prefers the reporting that is available with regular assignments over that is available in certifications. Would building a certification even clear the existing assignments and statuses anyway?


This is a VERY common scenario for us. Most of our banks do not have access to the library, so Lindy is having to take HOURS to reset courses for various banks on a monthly basis.


This seems so inefficient, especially when there are many courses and many learners.


When an admin chooses to assign content either from the content profile or from the learner profile, couldn’t there be section box(es) to reset status and clear existing assignments.

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  • Mar 20 2019
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