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Hide shared topics if not assigned to learner

We have several libraries and many customers that have access to content in one library, and not the other, as well as shared content that is in both libraries. We are building “training paths” using topics and they work beautifully, but we are seeing that courses that appear in both the NuPoint and Meridian Libraries are causing the *Meridian Training Paths topic to appear for NuPoint Customers. And the NuPoint Training Paths to show for Meridian Customers. We would like to have the efficiency of having only one topic and have it appear only for the customers who have access to that library. So if I have a course that is shared for NuPoint and Meridian customers and I use a Teller topic on it for the NuPoint Library and the Meriidan library, I don't want the customers that don't have access to the Meridian library to see the Meridian topic. 

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  • Mar 11 2019
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