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I am an admin and I have sent ideas several times about this. CanAdd and CanEdit permissions should be separate from basic functionality like View Learner Draft and the ability for a manager to change statuses. I believe managers should be able to view a learner draft that would allow them to send a message, assign content, assign a certification, and view statuses for a curated group of learners on their team, rather than one at a time. But that isn't possible unless they have CanEdit privs and I don't think they should be able to deactivate learners or move them which is what CanEdit grants them. This, to me, is a system admin level function, not a Joe Blow manager function. That is too much power. What if a manager accidentally moves a learner to the wrong team or deactivates someone? I can't even begin to imagine the oversight I would have to perform to keep all this in check. 

CanEdit and CanAdd are also required for a Manager to change the status of people on their teams, even for training they have assigned. Why would the functionality to add users to their team have any effect on the ability to change status?

I've wrangled with this since we implemented and have submitted ideas. The change must be difficult or have some far reaching effects that I'm unaware of. Since I've been asking about this for a couple of years now, it would be really helpful for me to understand why it has to be this way. 

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  • Feb 26 2019
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  • Alyse Braun commented
    08 Mar 01:04

    For further clarification, Victoria at Tarrant Regional Water District wants an admin to be able to change the status on a course, send a message, assign content, assign certification, and view status.

    but NOT be able to activate, deactivate, create team, or move learners. (on learner draft page) 

    Also, she wants them to be able to change the content status individually or globally within the team their privileged over, but NOT be able to add, remove, or move people in or out or from that team. (on team page)(or learner page) 

    She would also like admin to NOT be able to edit learner's profile because if they change username, could lock someone out.