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Additional Privileges for Curriculum Builder

We LOVE the Curriculum Builder and want to make it available to our banks. Most of our banks don’t have Library access that would activate the Learning button, so I am having to individually add admins to the Privileges tab. My issues with that are: 

  1. When I do that, I can’t restrict them to read-only access, I either have to give them privs to manage content or to grant access to learners. When they have the Can Grant Access to Learners privilege, they can give others the ability to manage content.
  2. I have to individually add admins to this tab. We have hundreds of admins. It isn’t efficient.

I would love for them to have the functionality of the curriculum builder to create their own playlists and assignment groups. It is the cat's pajamas.

I asked support if i was overlooking something and they said, no, that's how it works, but please feel free to submit an idea... so here you have it. 

Thank you for looking at all my crazy ideas. 

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  • Feb 26 2019
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