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Classroom Event Registration-Add to Outlook Event Specific

I created a custom classroom course called Masterclass. I created 2 events for this course for today (7/16). One is called Attend in Person - EMS Appreciation. The other is Attend Web - EMS Appreciation.

My users were successfully able to complete registration for the event they wanted. However, when they used the button to Add to Outlook, both events appeared on their calendar and they were unsure which event they registered for.

I called Support and was advised that users should not use the Add to Outlook option that appears immediately after registration because they link is tied to the Classroom Profile and not the specific event they registered for. Support advised users should complete registration, return to My Learning, click Classroom and then use the Add to Outlook link which is tied to the specific event.

While the steps provided by Support would prevent both events from appearing on their Outlook calendar, the process is not user friendly. Users expect a link to Add to Outlook would add only the event they just registered for.

I realize there could be some classroom events where all events need to appear on the learner's calendar. So maybe it would be best to have one link that says Add All Events to Outlook and another that says Add Registered Event(s) to Outlook.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Jul 16 2018
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