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SCORM Re-Upload Package

As an LMS Admin and someone that uses a lot of custom content, I would like to be able to re-upload a SCORM or AICC file instead of archiving a current course and creating a new course. This creates a lot of work for an admin for tracking and reporting. But most recently I found that if I have a course in a certification and then have to switch it out by archiving and then creating a new course, I have to then change that course in every certification (in this case there were 7 that course was tied to) and learners status's are incorrect because those showing "completed" now show incomplete because the system thinks I gave the certification a "new" course to complete...which I did - but didn't. I hope that makes sense. But it causes a lot of extra work. Please consider allowing for the re-upload function to come back!


If you need additional information about my user story please reach out!

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  • Jun 20 2018
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