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Enhancement to learner filters within a team for Billing time saves

Currently: We run a billing report from the system each month on the first day of the month to show a snapshot of how many active system users each client has and how many have access to a library.  We then compare that number to their licensed/contracted number to identify any overages.  Any overages trigger an invoice a few weeks later that goes to the client so pay for these additional users.


Issue: Sometimes, clients dispute the invoices. 

Example: Xtra Lease is currently disputing an invoice for 3 additional users.  On 9/1, they were licensed for 400 users but on 9/1/2017, our billing report showed 403 users active.  We billed for 3 users.  BUT, today, they only have 391 users active.  They try to use current counts as proof but we need to see the count as of 9/1/2017 and the associated detail to show them proof of the fact that they got up to 403 at one point and justify our overage invoice getting paid.  

Dispute process: Client contacts Lisa in Accounting.  Lisa passes this to the CSC/CSM to address.  CSC/CSM have to get their hands on the data detail so they put in a case for Jean to retrieve it and provide to them.  Typically, it ends up not being that simple (how to explain what we need to Jean, confusion over dates, etc), so I (Jason) have to get involved as well.  On top of the time it takes me, Lisa, CSC, CSM, and the client, the person of whom this requires the most time is Jean.  From what I hear, she spends several hours per week on these requests and the back and forth to get what is needed.  I would say, on average, a billing dispute ends up taking a combined 2-3 hours of work from the BizLibrary team.  We average 5-10 disputes per month.


Recommended solution: Filter added to identify who was active during a time period (or on a specific date, but leave the date range in there in case we want to see actives over a month or something later to help improve billing accuracy.  You can already go to Administration>Teams>Learner Tab and see Activation Date and Deactivation Date.  If we could filter for those active within a date range, we could get this data ourselves and save Jean and the rest of the team a significant amount of time.  This filter could be called something like “Active Within Date Range” and would filter out people who only were active during that range.  Spelling that out in an example, let’s say we want people who were active from 9/1 to 9/30.  I would filter to ensure Activation Date = before 9/1 and Deactivation Date = after 9/30….if that makes sense.

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  • Oct 17 2017
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  • Daniel Binkholder commented
    October 17, 2017 21:20

    Similar issue with Baptist Health Plan

  • Stacey Moore commented
    October 18, 2017 04:11

    Similar issue with GLOVIS America, Inc. 

  • Melissa Hebert commented
    October 20, 2017 16:56

    While it is possible to download learners from a team profile, the system does not capture both the activation date AND the deactivation date.  When a learner is deactivated, the deactivation date field is populated, but the data for activation date disappears.  We would need both fields populated when a learner is deactivated.