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Enable all Admins of LMS to access other Admins' Certifications and Featured Playlists

As an admin in the LMS, it would be extremely helpful if other admins of the LMS could access one another's Certifications and Featured Playlists. When I am out of the office, I would like for my admin team to have the ability to make updates to certifications I have created. At this time, we can only work from our own. I would like the same thing for Featured Playlists. We want to limit the number of Featured Playlists we assign our teams. If there was one place where admins could go to access the same Playlists, we would have continuity from team to team.Curriculum Builder would be an awesome spot to keep this information (or at least the place to pull up and access all certifications and Playlists created by admins). Fingers crossed that this is on the horizon. 

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  • Oct 4 2017
  • Future consideration
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