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Admin ability to send messages to certain course users based on applied filters

Let's say there was a mandatory course for all employees or for a specific team with a due date. When a due date has passed, Admins would go to a Team > Status. Then we would apply filters to display only the specific course and the status "Available" or in "Progress". The filtered results will show the users who have not completed the course on time. I would like to be able to send an email/message to all those employees directly from the LMS. This will tremendously save time instead of downloading Excel file, and then emailing all those employees manually.


ALTERNATIVELY, it would be great if the Download link allowed to display information based on teams the individuals belong to. For example, give Admins the option to display a team-based report or individual-based report. Having it team-based would help with notifying the team managers those employees belong to. One report contains all the info - instead of going into each individual team and performing the same steps multiple times.

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  • Oct 2 2017
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