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New Scheduled Message window needs to stay open until deliberately closed.

Yesterday I was working on a rather complicated email message in the New Scheduled Message window.  I switched to a different IE tab to double check something and the New Schedule Message window closed and I had to start over.  2nd Try - 1/2 way through the message and I accidentally clicked outside the window instead of at the beginning of a sentence.  Window closed and I lost all of my work.  3rd try, I had placed a html address in the message.  At the preview I clicked the link to make sure it worked and the window closed and I lost all of my work. 

There is a Next button, a Back Link and an Close/Cancel X at the top right hand part of the screen.  There is no usability  reason for the window to close without deliberate action from the user.  Please fix. 

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  • Sep 20 2017
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