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Manual Badges

As admins, we would like to have a manual Badge functionality added to BizLibrary.  A badge would be added to a Learner’s profile.  We would be able to upload custom badges (.jpgs) to the Learner page and then tag them with a name that can be used for reporting.


For instance: 

Learner A has finished our Creating Connections 101 Certification.  I would go into BizLibrary, upload the “Creating Connections 101” badge to their Learner page, and tag it as #creatingconnections101.

This badge could be located under the Learner’s profile information on their page, or a separate tab may be created where all badges would reside.

Anyone viewing the Learner’s profile would be able to view the badges.

Using a Report, I could search by hashtag (individual or multiple) if I needed to find a Learner with a specific skill set.

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  • Aug 15 2017
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