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Enhance Admin Ratings & Comments: Provide View/Filter to All Comments and Ratings

As a content administrator, we need to see user comments for all BLC content in a date range.

Our commitment to clients is to review all comments and to address defects in a timely manner.


Previously, we got a weekly report (see Excel attachment) with the past week's data.

Today we received a blank report, due the fact that the data is in a different location, so the report won't work.  In exchange, we now have the ability to delete undesired comments ourselves, but now we do not have access to the data that identifies comments that need to be deleted (see attached image).


Rather than depend upon a report, it would be preferred and more efficient to have a date range filter on all comments and ratings in the Admin Library.  From there, we could export the desired content in Excel.  The data provided in the attached report is what we want exported.


In the meantime, we will create a case in SalesForce requesting a data dump for the missing report data, so that we may fulfill our quality commitment.

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  • Jul 17 2017
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