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External Training Data viewable by the learner

As a user I should be able to view the data and attachments associated with any external training that I enter. Currently, a user can enter in external training information and attach a certificate but that information goes someplace that is only accessible by the Approval Agent. We utilize auto approvals so I, as the Training Coordinator and sole approval agent, am the only one who can see the attachments or training information.

On the user side I would expect to be able to 1) enter external training and attach a completion certificate 2) see the external training item listed on my transcript 3) Click on the item on my transcript and view the information and certificate. 4) download and print a copy of the certificate.

On the Admin side I would expect to 1) view all activity for my team including external training 2) download a list of completed items for a user to include any external training entered.

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  • Jun 19 2017
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  • Melissa Hebert commented
    July 20, 2017 15:28

    I just had a client ask about this yesterday, as they were getting ready to present the program to their global team for possible expansion

  • Daniel Binkholder commented
    April 23, 2018 14:57

    I've had other clients ask about this - including Quorum Federal Credit Union (Full LMS, 11k ARR).  By providing learners the ability to easily reference/extract their external training requests, they can more easily reference the learning that they have engaged in outside of the LMS, which would make it more of a "home" for all things learning/training related. 

    This concept is also included in products like "Degreed."

    Finally, some organizations require XX amount of hours of training, regardless of whether it is our content out external (T. Baker Smith - CCM/28k ARR). This would be another reason for being able to reference the external training requests, for both learners and administrators - it would improve the value of our product to clients.

  • Alyse Braun commented
    June 7, 2018 14:36

    The client who submitted this idea last year is with Tarrant Regional Water District . (Full LMS, ARR $25,719.19). She brought this idea up again on our call the other day and this would save her hours of administration time. 

    Here is what a successful external training system looks like to her:

    1. The user can enter external training requests and include an attachment.
    2. The user and their supervisor can see the external training on the transcript.
    3. The user and their supervisor can view any attachments.
    4. When the user or supervisor clicks on the training item in the transcript they are able to review all of the information submitted on the form.
  • Tammy Kirkiewicz commented
    June 7, 2018 14:54

    My client, Amsurg (ARR $67k) needs this as well. They also require XX hours of training and need to report on all external, classroom, custom, and BL. 

  • Lisa Gaut commented
    June 7, 2018 15:08

    I just had a prospect ask about this yesterday. They are looking for a global LMS solution for 2500 users and this was a key topic of discussion. 

  • Daniel Binkholder commented
    June 7, 2018 17:14

    Missouri Employers Mutual (29k ARR, new client) is asking for the ability to see external training request data, on the admin side, so they can compare that with other utilization.

  • Daniel Binkholder commented
    June 7, 2018 17:21

    T. Baker Smith also requires 40 hours of training for their employees (CCM, 28k ARR, At Risk), and would like to be able to reference it all in the LMS.

  • Stacey Moore commented
    June 7, 2018 19:27

    Redcliff Ascent has 6 geographic regions in which they're trying to manage both BizLibrary training and external training.  Due to the nature of their business, they have to be able to show proof of completion and / or certification for said external training requests.  That capability will be the deciding factor on the future of our partnership.  They want BizLibrary to be the go to for everything but, without that option, they will have to rethink their big picture road map.  This is causing a major obstacle in their current progress and future planning.  

    ARR $14.610.99

  • Bryan Hershfeld commented
    June 11, 2018 14:58

    This would go a LONG way to ensuring a full LMS upgrade on Redcliff's account