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I have a client that is in desperate need of Spanish content. She utilized all of the Sollah videos and when that went away it hit them hard. They have a huge population of employees that are only Spanish speaking.

Stated in an email she sent me, here is an excerpt to stress the importance of Spanish content for the client. : Libby, Right now the holes are the Safety videos on Workplace Violence and Drug and Alcohol videos.  But really it is all content.  We ran into this when we picked out our Diversity Video, the Spanish version was retired.  I believe we had several videos we were wanting to use from the same producer.  Honestly, the fact you had Spanish content was a big sell to our Leadership when we selected Biz Library.  Sorry to sound so tough, but I am just keeping it real with you.  Our goal is to have an English Version and Spanish version of all videos we use.  So everyone gets a consistent message.  

So, getting Spanish content for this client is really important. Thank you!

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  • Jun 9 2017
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