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Improved Reporting Functionality

Currently, I am unable to pull a course status/due date report with multiple headers, such as a person's department, supervisor, location, hire date, and the teams they are on. I need to produce two monthly reports (one mid-month, one end of month) about the completion status of a course group, but I cannot sort this report by supervisor, by department, or by location all in the same report. Most databases I've ever worked in allow a custom reporting feature where I could choose the information I wanted pulled into the report. Currently, I have to pull several different reports and merge them, or pull multiple reports to look at the same course completion dataset. This takes me at least 6-8 hours per month to sort all of this data by hand in Excel, where a report where I could sort and filter based on multiple headers would cut that time by at least 60%. In addition, some data loaded into the system is never able to be pulled out (supervisor) into a report. 

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  • May 1 2017
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