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Migrate Direct Assignments

On numerous occasions, Administrators find themselves in the position of having made too many Team Assignments. Consequently, newly-imported Learners inherit said assignments along with their (often over or past -due) Due Dates.

Thankfully, our apparatus for avoiding this potential issue--making Direct (Team) Assignments--is a solution that allows Administrators to manage their Learners' assignments more effectively.

This incredibly-useful (and very popular) tool is something recommended often to Administrators who wish to better maintain their Learners' assignments, but given our intention of migrating features from the old platform, it seems to be somewhat ill-advised to suggest a retrograde solution; The best functionality should be present in the new platform.

Below are a few scenarios for which Direct (Team) Assignments are beneficial:

  • Administrators who want to assign to a Team and exclude some of its members: An Administrator wishes to assign required training to multiple people, and wants to avoid making the assignment to them individually.
  • Administrators do not want the assignment to be inherited: For those instances where an Administrator assigns training to a Team, but does not intend for newly-imported Learners to take the same training in the future.
  • The bigger the assignment, the more useful the 'Direct' function is: Assigning organization-wide material is a task that can be expedited through Directly assigning. With smaller groups to assign to, assigning individually is a minor inconvenience--imagine having to make an assignment to 20 or more.
  • Assignment Dates can be modified on an Individual basis: With a generic Team assignment, it is all or nothing: you can edit assignment dates for everyone or for noone. Alternatively, with Direct assignments the dates can be adjusted/tailored specifically to the Learner.

It is difficult to overstate how useful and popular this feature is already--all the more reason to bring it on over to the New Platform. Such an action would help Administrators manage their Learners' assignments, and affirm a sense of control over training. Essentially, this function makes the system work for our Administrators.

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  • Mar 15 2017
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  • Joseph Gutridge commented
    May 3, 2017 13:37

    In Addition the Direct assignment option similar to what we had in in which you can go to a learner or team < Admin actions < Assign unassign resources < Choose Resource group (content group) then have the option to press direct 

    Which would basically assign the courses within the content group to the learner allowing the admin to add or remove content from the group without affecting the current direct relationship.

  • Haley Luke commented
    June 5, 2018 20:46

    Particularly for the Assignment Dates can be modified on an Individual Basis bullet, I have a client The CORE Group, that has a need for this so their new hires can inherit the content assigned that needs to be completed, but the ability to adjust the due date based on when that new hire was added.

    Current ARR: $55,192