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Increase Visibility and Ease-of-Use for Follow-up Activities

When a Learner completes a preceding assignment to a Follow-up Activity (FUA), the only means through which they can be notified of the new assignment is by checking their Assignments tab in MyLearning, or through a Scheduled Message set up for Content-Assigned.

There are a couple of ways in which we could make Follow-up Activities more visible and accessible:

  1. Allow Administrators to give Follow-up Activities Due Dates: If FUA's were to have Due Dates, then they would appear under the To-do List, therefore making them easier to access.
  2. Create some sort of prompt which immediately follows completion of the preceding course: In an effort to streamline Learners' navigation from course to FUA, it would be convenient to display the FUA upon assignment completion.

It is my belief that such an enhancement would benefit Administrators who find themselves in the position of wanting to make sequential/ordered assignments, but hesitate to use Featured Playlists (since they are also not 'Assignments' and do not show under the To-do List) or Certifications (an assignment coupled with a FUA does not seem to warrant creation of a new Certification).

Ultimately, this enhancement would help Learners get to and complete their training more quickly and make browsing in our system easier.

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  • Mar 15 2017
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