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Add Multiple Pieces of Content or Content Groups to Certifications

I am a facilitator who regularly facilitates the same class about every 8 weeks.  It consists of eLearning and Classroom sessions.


As the BizLibrary system is, when I create a new certification group (generally broken down by the month in which the class occurs) I have to search for and add each piece of content, one at a time, to the certification.  As there are about 10 pieces of content and 3 classes this is a very long process.  Some of our regular classes, like New Hire Training, have a lot more eLearnings.


I also see the eLearning content group I created in the old system, so it is there.


I'd like the ability to add an entire content group to  a certification, or simply copy a certification and rename it for the new month's class.  This would save me a tremendous amount of time and energy instead of having to hunt down everything.


And a second idea....when I"m looking at reports, I can't seems to break down my report by Certification.  If I want to see if my learners have completed their RCAP February 2017 certification I have to search each learner or piece of content individually...and that is horribly time consuming and inefficient.  


Thanks for reading!

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  • Mar 6 2017
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