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Archived Courses - Display "Archived" in the Course Title

We go through a lot of audits each year that involve review of our LMS and training records/transcripts.  Recently, we were docked for certain employees showing "incomplete" courses that were actually archived and therefore no longer relevant or necessary to complete.  I understand that "archived" appears on the company college side if you lookup the resource, but when you are in BizLibrary and you go to a Learner's page, then assignments or status, the system does not display "archived" next to the course title.  If there were some type of indicator (or if it simply stated "archived" in the title), we could easily confirm when being audited that the course is not active.  It is otherwise a tough process to demonstrate and confirm that it's archived, and even when we did go to company college to confirm this, it was documented as a "needs improvement" area as it's not clear to the employee or the employee's manager that the course has been archived (since they don't have access to company college, and can only go to the status page to view their direct reports course records).  We archive our own courses on occasions, but BizLibrary owned courses are also archived often, so I think this could be beneficial for many other clients too. 

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  • Feb 24 2017
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