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Directly Assging Courses (From Resource to User/groups and vice Versa)

In the old platform I had a resource group that had 8 LMS courses and a custom content quiz.  I was able to create users in the new platform, access the old platform and assign 9 courses to 1 user.  I no longer have that access. I have to individually add the courses to the user.  I have to add individually but can assign all at once (but the due date doesn't work so I have to edit each one).  Also, since the new platform many of our managers are assigning content to groups (but there is no direct button).  We've been having lots of issues where new hires are added to teams and have 4-10 over due content.  This was not their intention.  It causes lots of bad data when it comes to reporting and make our new hires feel overwhelmed that they have 'overdue' courses when they first log into the system.


With the most recent update I lost some of this functionality.  Directly assigning content to groups/users and vice versa is very important to how we utilize the system.  If there is bad data we are less likely to utilize reporting.

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  • Nov 1 2016
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