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Make it so I can reset resources for an entire user group versus the current way of having to find each individual and set the resource.

Currently, I have to go to a resource, find the list of people assigned, then manually go through to find the names of the people I need to reset the resource to available. I have some content assigned to multiple user groups. It would be way more efficient if we could go to a user group, the click a button to reset resource status for a group and then I can do a number of people at the same time. Today I spent almost 2 hours to manually find individual names, check the box by the names, then reset. Additionally, even If I do a manual search alphabetically, I can only see 50 names at a time, so I have to select the names, modify the status, then move to the next page of names to start the process over again.

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  • Oct 14 2016
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  • Angela Conlon commented
    October 28, 2016 13:35

    Thank you for giving us your feedback. I understand how this would be extremely frustrating to have to reset each individual learner. We will address this need as a part of our new Assignments feature we have planned.