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Setting defaults for views of "searched" courses without having to reset everytime -

When searching for courses, it would be great to have the default be set to my preferences (which would be sort by title) instead of by rating. Here’s my thoughts:  
  1. ratings are by everyone using BizLibrary and do not reflect what is rated by SugarCreek.
  2. When I sort it by title and then do a another search, it reverts back to ratings – so then I have to reselect it each time.  You shouldn’t make users do extra work!
  3. It would be nice to set up a “preferences” that would remember what I like to do, so that I don’t have to switch it each time.
  4. It also defaults to thumbnail view each time — and many times I would like to just keep it in list mode.
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  • Oct 7 2016
  • Likely to Implement
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