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Unassigning at the team level

As an Admin, I get a lot of calls from Managers who make an assignment at the team level and forget to remove themselves from the assignment using the "Direct" button. They then see it on their to-do list and get email reminders but should not have ever been assigned the training. At this time, when that happens there is no way for anyone - The Manger or myself (SuperAdmin) to unassign the content because it was made at the team level and this is very frustrating for my managers and I. I believe this could be corrected in two ways:

1. If someone assigns training to themselves, either directly or indirectly, they should be able to unassign that training.

2. The SuperAdmins, such as myself, should be able to do anything we need to do to manage our systems. This includes being able to unassign training to anyone on any team we have permissions over, even if we did not assign the training ourselves.

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  • Apr 18 2019
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    Product Team commented
    26 Apr 18:25

    Hello Victoria,

    Thank you for submitting your idea to the BizLibrary Product Team.

    We have reviewed the submission for improving the functionality of Direct/InDirect Assignments but because of the nature of indirect assignments there is not a technical solution to exclude users a la carte after an assignment is made.

    However we are developing Learner Draft enhancements that will make Team Assignments with exclusions much simpler.

    We appreciate your submission and encourage you to continue providing feedback to improve our Learning Management System

    BizLibrary Product Team