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We added Boosted BLC last year.  So far, we are only getting 30% participation in the boosts that get sent.  Now, we are working with our Client Success Consultant on ways to get better participation.  As we do this, I need the ability to get more information from reports than what is available.  Currently, I can go to a team, go to the Activity tab, select Booster and see high level data for the whole group but none of this is clickable or exportable other than the image of the graph.  I can go down below that and expand out the list of all courses people in this group have taken but cannot export that.  Then, if I dive into each program, I have to click in to see each question, what % of people answered which way.  None of that is exportable either.  The only part that is exportable is what users responded to questions 1/2/3/4 on what date.


Ideally, I would like to go to the team, activity tab, boosts and be able to export a spreadsheet with all users with all titles taken and a list of all boosts they responded to so I can see which programs are getting the most participation, filter to see how many people have completed 3/4 or all 4, etc.  I would like to give kudos to all employees who have completed all boosts for all programs they took within a time frame and the only way to do that now is by going into all 133 booster programs individually and exporting 133 different spreadsheets to combine them. 



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  • Apr 18 2017
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