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Learning Landing Page/Integrated Training Calendar

As a trainer, I'm always trying to consolidate training platforms and systems to make learning as streamlines as possible.  I'd love to see BizLibrary become the primary landing page for all of my Learners.  My ideal landing page would have a newsfeed with training information, badges/trophies earned by employees, and an interactive training calendar.


The training calendar would be integrated with classes I schedule within BizLibrary.  Additionally, I'd like the calendar to be directly searchable.  When someone signs up for a class, whether it be one day or three days, they would register for the entire session with one click (as opposed to registering for each day individually).


Example:  I schedule our Powerful Presentations class in BizLibrary as a 2 day session.  It pops up in the Training calendar for all to see.  Someone wants to take the class, clicks on the event within the calendar and is taken to the registration page.  They click "Register" and they're done. 


Such a calendar would save time and money for Consumers and make sure BizLibrary is the single source of all things Learning at our company.  Thanks!

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  • Feb 28 2017
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