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Add essay/short response to quizzes

As someone who creates content and needs to pull quiz results for management or other parties to review, having short response or essay questions in with a quiz (not as a survey) would be helpful. We often have several multiple choice or true/false questions available, but it's more beneficial for me to see an open response question so i can view in a more in-depth manner if there has been an actual transfer of knowledge

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  • Apr 22 2019
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    Product Team commented
    26 Apr 19:18

    Hello Kate,

    Thank you for submitting your idea to the BizLibrary Product Team.

    We have reviewed the submission for adding short/long-form answers to quizzes. We are  currently in the process of gathering information internally to see if a short-term solution is possible.

    We will follow up after our discovery but in the meantime we hope that you will continue to provide feedback to improve our Learning Management System.

    BizLibrary Product Team