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Video Linking for successive videos

As a user, I much prefer to start at the beginning of a module/course/cluster and progress through to completion of that set of videos. Currently, I don't see any way currently that I can do this in BizLibrary. For instance, Jeff Crow teaches a "course" on Project Management. The only way to find this course is by searching "Jeff Crow," which produces 44 videos. I can determine based on title which video comes first "Intro to PM." After this, I have no clue whatsoever which video comes next, and Jeff explicitly says that this course is best taken chronologically. Well, can't do that here, sorry!

At least starting the videos with a numbered sequence would help "00-PM Intro to PM", "01-PM Implementing...", "03-PM Stages...", and so on. Currently it is like playing 52 card pick-up with the random and indiscernible arrangement of the videos. In youTube, uploaders can upload their own playlists that show the order in which their videos should be watched. Something to help us progress from start to finish would be very helpful and much more fulfilling than randomly clicking around, willy-nilly, in hopes of getting some useful information.

I love the content, and hope that it can be more efficiently and usefully organized. Thank you!

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  • Sep 29 2017
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